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Chris Duffield, PhD

Contact information: 
PO Box 19652, Stanford CA 94309-9652    USA

Email: cdiptq@iptq.com

Personal statement:  I am a generalist, one of a small group who were influenced by Buckminster Fuller to expand our interests without boundaries, to resist societal pressures to specialize, and to devote our lives to the betterment of humanity through comprehensive science and design initiatives.  While we fit with difficulty into normal jobs, we are sometimes recognized for the tremendous value we bring through insight and overview, and by integrating and cross-pollinating between different fields of human endeavor.  It has been natural for me to be active and productive in fields as diverse as geology and medicine, technoecology and neuroscience, product design and the physics of information.  I'm like a stem cell, fitting in, helping, and adding value wherever I show up.  I feel tremendously fortunate to find myself at this major crossroads of global innovation, Stanford and Silicon Valley in the early 2000s.

 Skills: Creative problem solving, liaison, insight, foresight, intuition, research, writing, and invention.

 Current roles:

Visiting Scholar, Stanford University, Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine (2002—), and Center for Latin American Studies (2001—).  Writing, research and teaching related to insulin potentiation therapy (IPT), and other projects.

Webhost for IPTQ.com/IPTQ.org, 1999—.  Large website about insulin potentiation therapy (IPT), an important medical innovation that has been ignored for 70 years.  Catalyzing national and
international initatives to transform medicine, save lives, and ease suffering on a massive scale.

Cofounder and consultant for a biotech startup developing eyedrops that slow, halt, and may even reverse several aging processes in the eyes.

Science & Technology Consultant, Silicon Valley, 1996—.  Venture capital, NASA, research, 
product design and devedsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssslopment, foresight and intuition.

Previous roles:

Visiting Scholar, Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering, Stanford University, 1998-2001.  
Research electromagnetic effects on water, physics of information, and inertia anomalies.

Advanced Technology Research Associate, Arizona Research Laboratory, Division of Neural  
Systems, Memory & Aging, University of Arizona, Tucson.  1992-1995.  Developed new electronic, mechanical, and biomedical devices in a large world-class neuroscience laboratory.

Director of Scientific Research and Co-founder of SANA Medical Institute, Inc., and

Vice Chairman of Medical Renaissance Foundation, Tucson, Arizona, 1987-1992.  Liaison with 
university research centers, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, doctors, donors, and
investors.  New technology development.  Patent writing and development.  Corporate strategy, 
marketing, and public affairs.

Engineering, Design, and Software Consultant, Tucson, Arizona, through 1996.   
Invention, research & development, industrial design, manufacturing design, and marketing of a
wide variety of innovative products and technologies.

Early work:  Published two review monographs on geothermal and solar energy technoecology at the  
University of Arizona.  Exploration geology for Exxon, Conoco, and others.


Postdoctoral:  Neuroscience, electronics, optical sciences, and business at University of Arizona;
biomedicine, materials science & engineering, computer science at Stanford.

PhD – arid lands resource sciences and global technoecology at University of Arizona.

MS  -- geosciences at University of Arizona.

BA  –  geology, liberal arts & sciences, cum laude.  Amherst College, Massachusetts.

 Honors:  Presidential Scholar.  National Merit Scholar.  Sigma Xi scientific society.  Rolex Award international finalist.  Invited speaker at Royal Nepal Academy of Science & Technology.

Research projects:  
Insulin potentiation therapy and running IPTQ.org.  Two pharmaceutical inventions.   New computing and communications and medical imaging concepts.  Nanoscale quantum nonlocality.  Technoecology.  Consciousness.  Physics of information.  

Writing projects: 
IPTQ.org website and articles.  Books on IPT, information technology , and technoecology. 

Past projects:
Medical measuring instruments.  Medical office software.  Neuroscience electrodes and lab apparatus. Running shoe design.  Jet engines.  Technoecology.

Selected publications:

IPTQ.org website

The virtual information domain (VID): matterless non-electromagnetic information structures and communication, biological transduction, monoatoms, and new “vidic” technologies.  Abstract at Tucson II Consciousness Conference, Toward a Science of Consciousness, April 8-13, 1996.

    Talk at Xerox PARC on February 15, 2001  http://murl.microsoft.com/LectureDetails.asp?813

Co-author of several abstracts, Society for Neuroscience, 1993-1995.

US Patent 5400513, 1995.   Image size measuring device.

Solar energy, water, and industrial systems in arid lands.  Monograph, Univ. of Arizona, 1978.

       Geothermal technoecosystems and water cycles in arid lands.  Monograph, Univ. of Arizona, 1976.

Personal interests:   Travel.  Nature.  Solar eclipses.  Aviation.  Cinema.  Jazz.  Hiking, trail running.  Attending seminars, conferences, and trade shows.  The mystical poetry of Rumi and Kabir.

Family background:  One of my great grandfathers, Selim Franklin, was a founder of the University of Arizona.  My mother, Mary Rose Duffield, is a landscape architect and author.  My father, Richard Duffield, is an attorney in Tucson, Arizona.   And my natural father, Milton Frank, was a high level public affairs officer with the US Air Force, California State University system, and Adelphi University, and was U.S. Ambassador to Nepal.              

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