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Cellular Cancer Therapy, part 9

CHAPTER NINE: Our Research: 33 Years of the Study and Treatment of Cancer

    Based on the knowledge summarized in the preceding chapters, we began to use Donatian Therapy in patients with cancer, corroborating our diagnoses with those of other doctors.

    Because of the profound local and general modifications that exist in patients with malignant neoplasias which are fundamentally of a physico—chemical nature (change in blood pH), i.e., the alteration of the biochemical terrain, we thought of taking advantage of the most important alterations that had been researched by other investigators for the treatment of cancer, since the essential phenomena of cell life are intimately related to the reaction of the humoral environment (Sorensen) and the changes in the reactions of acidity and alkalinity are transmitted to all of the fluids of all of the tissues and, obviously, to the cells (Van Slyke, Palmer, Fisher and Wasches). Alkalosis should be considered a consistent sign of neoplastic sickness (Rene Reeding), whose origin is consistent with profound physico—chemical changes.

    So that these physico—chemical changes may be transmitted to the interior of the cell, it is necessary that the cell membrane be permeabilized. Cell "hunger" and "thirst" due to a lack of elements necessary for synthesis and energy metabolism force the cells to ‘take’ them from the blood, according to the laws of physical chemistry. Experimenting with subtle formulas, we have arrived at dosages for each patient of appropriate medications which fulfill the real physiological and pharmacological necessities for cure.

    In patients with cancer, blood alkalosis becomes acidosis, an important curative factor, since that in itself alters the neoplastic terrain, which doctors have not been able to do thus far with any therapeutic procedure, and this is why treatments that were thought to be possible cures for cancer did not succeed.

    Based on the equation: cancerizable terrain plus cancerogenic agent equals cancer, we proceeded in therapy to attack both the cancerogens and the terrain. In this way we have achieved total cures of cancer in a large percentage of patients, even in those who had undergone classical therapy, i.e., surgical removal of tumors and radiation therapy with the subsequent intensification of the disease. We have managed, with Donatian Therapy, to really alter significantly the cancerizable terrain.

    It is obvious that insulin is not the medication that cures the patient of cancer. This hormone simply constitutes the means of sensibilizing and modifying the organism to make the therapeutic action of specific medications efficient. In the almost fifty years we have used Donatian Therapy, we have never encountered any symptoms that might rule out its use as we have described it.

    The reason why surgery and classical treatments (alkalinizing substances, oncolytic antibiotics, radiation) do not cure patients with malignant neoplasias is rooted in the cancer equation we cited above from Thomas and Roffo. After surgical treatment or treatment with classical medications, it is either forgotten or unknown that the biochemical terrain remains exactly the same, and that the patient will produce other tumors, or more metastasis, as a consequence of the other part of the equation: the cancerogenic agent.



    In his experiments with insulin, Dr. Perez Garcia Sr. found that the pH of the blood in different patients showed noticeable differences, one of which was a blood pH of 6.0 in one case upon the application of insulin (1939, 1940).

    This showed the way to solving the crucial problem of changing the biological terrain. With the utilization of insulin not only is the pH changed, but the cell membranes are also permeabilized permitting the introduction of specific medications into the cell.

    Verifying the permeabilizing effects of insulin, Goldstein and Levine arrived at the same conclusion 28 years later, dubbing insulin "the gate keeper."



    Oncologists accept that (non-gaseous) alkalosis is a consistent sign of cancer and that, being permanently unchanged, causes profound changes in metabolism.

    To this effect, Reeding affirms that the pH in patients with cancer inevitably tends towards alkalosis, without the intervention of the organ that is most affected by the lesion: "This alkalosis is not gaseous and not compensated for."

    Warburg has shown the alternation of the metabolism of carbohydrates by anaerobic glucolysis.

    Our investigations have been done with the goal of demonstrating the alternations in 02, CO2, surface tension, pH in the blood serum and urine; the absorbency, transmittance, temperature and rnilliamperage of which, together with the results of other investigators shows that cancer constitutes a bio—physico—chemical disequilibrium of the entire organism.

    All of these investigations show that there are several factors that contribute to the development of cancer and this is why one cannot speak, nowadays, of one sole factor as the cause of malignant neoplasias. Therefore, if one only combats the tumor, which is the effect rather than the cause, through conventional methods such as surgery, radiation, etc., it will never be possible to cure this disease. Thomas and Roffo echo these thoughts, and this can also be recognized by remembering that radiation is one of the main causes of cancer, without taking into consideration the dissemination that surgical intervention may cause and with it the intensification of cancer.

    Our definition of cancer, then, is as follows: an absolute and total disorder of the chemical reactions and physical laws that govern the normal functioning of each of the organs and systems of the human body, with the concomitant loss of the functional harmony among them (Perez Garcia y Bellon).

    Therefore, a cancerous tumor constitutes the expression of this functional disturbance. With this, the concepts of investigators and doctors in general about cancer’s possible cause(s) are seen to be misguided, since they attempt to find a single cause (a virus, for example), considering the cancerous cell to be the cause and effect itself.

    These two persistent errors make investigators overlook the fact that the disequilibrium of the biological terrain is a definitive factor in the development of cancer. More specifically, it is more productive to, instead of considering the causes separately, consider them as grouped together under the heading of cancerizable terrain, which is activated by’ the cancerogenic agent in the production of cancer.

    If in the treatment of other diseases, we attack the cause(s) and not the effects, so then, why not do the same with cancer? Donatian Therapy is one way of proceeding in this direction.



    Donatian Therapy is the treatment of the cell by changing the bio-physico-chemical constants and parameters of the blood, attacking first the cancerous cell itself, through its intracellular environment, as well as the extracellular one, by permeabilizing the membrane with insulin.

    With the goal of regulating endocrine changes, progesterone, which has been shown to be an antitumoral agent, is used, thus avoiding any kind of cancerigenous manifestation in patients of either sex.

    Afterwards, two hormones are applied: progesterone and testosterone to produce the effect of a complete hormonal equilibrium, since in cancer patients there is a hormonal imbalance, as has been documented by several investigators. In certain patients suffering from mammary carcinoma, only testosterone was applied.

    The irritants of the internal or external environment are eliminated since by changing the external and internal physicochemical parameters the irritation is eliminated.

    For example, Leukorrhea in women is a physical irritant which besides producing irritation causes inflammation and, later, the alteration of the vaginal environment making its pH alkaline. In this case, the cancerigenous agents are the irritants.



    During our work in 1939 and 1940 with the Military’s Technical Supervision Office, with the valuable assistance of the chemical engineer Rafael Illescas Frisbie, we observed that the application of insulin provokes large changes in blood pH while treating neurolytic patients.

    This phenomenon was shown when we used a Hellige potentiometer with the three (3) samples of blood that we took from each patient before the application of insulin, to determine the pH during hypoglycemia and afterwards.

    We then saw that the application of insulin invariably changes the blood pH and in at least 95% of the patients, it went down after treatment and became acid.

    We observed that during the troughs and peaks in blood sugar there were always ostensive modifications of pH. In one exceptional case, the pH went down to 6.0.

    One cannot forget to take into consideration that in- all of the cell physiology the reaction of the humoral medium plays a part, since the living cell is no more than a colloidal complex, whose physico-chemical properties depend on the reactions of the medium in which they live, as is the case for properties such as: suspension or flocculation of colloids, the affinity of proteins for acids or bases, the oxyreduction potential, the ionization of mineral elements, osmotic pressure, surface tension, viscosity, tumefaction of living material, changes in cell volume, the permeability of the membrane, the activity of the enzymes and cell division (Sorensen). All of these phenomena, we repeat, are directly related to the action of the humoral environment.

    The major regulating mechanisms of the reactions of the humors are found in the blood which transmits to the humors all of the variations that it suffers. Therefore, it is this reaction that presides over all vital phenomena (Van Slyke, Palmer, Cullen, Fischer, Wasel, etc.); this is why in order to assure life, these reactions have to remain approximately constant.

    Some investigators interested in observing the possibility of changes in blood pH had arrived at the conclusion that it can only undergo the slightest transitory changes. For them, blood pH has to be-almost absolutely fixed.

    We have observed, however, exactly the opposite. We have seen that with the application of insulin substantial changes in the blood reactions can take place, and in determining the pH in the three samples from each patient, we saw that indeed they do so in the great majority of the patients treated.

    Today, almost all cancerologists accept that alkalosis is a consistent sign of cancer——when it is permanent and not compensated-—and that it is the consequence of profound- metabolic changes. "This alkalosis," says Reeding, "is not caused by modifications in the gases of the blood and is not compensated for." (See table below.) The most important problem, then, is in the alteration of the biological terrain and this has been brought about by the change in the blood pH.

Average pH in different kinds of cancer
Skin epithelioma
Cancer of the rectum
Cancer of the digestive tract
Epithelioma of the tongue and buccal cavity
Mammary cancer
Tumors of the genital and urinary organs
Miscellaneous tumors



We can summarize as follows, the main ideas about the nature of cancer:

  1. The majority of researchers and doctors consider the cancerous cell as an individualized entity capable, on its own, of reproducing and growing, acting as the cause and subject of the disease. In our opinion there is no such individualization. The cancerous cell is connected to all of the other functions of the organism, to the functions of the internal medium of each and to the external medium. Therefore, the cancerous cell cannot act independently of them. Conventional ideas lead one to believe that the cancerous cell is a foreign body within the body, that feeds, develops and emigrates through the lymphatic vessels, blood vessels, etc., and that finally dies. The same ideas also suggest that the only cause of cancer is the cancerous cell. However, experiments carried out in humans by inoculation with cancerous cells have produced negative results in 90% of the cases.

  2. It is said that cancer is produced by irritations caused by chemical substances, for example tars, by deficient diets, by solar radiation, ultraviolet and x-rays, as well as by persistent irritations, such as menstruation in women.

  3. The role of endocrine hormones in the development or not of cancer, for example the antitumoral action of testosterone in mammary cancer or the harmful action of this hormone in cancer of the prostrate.

  4. The viral theory (caused by specific viruses) of cancer has recently become fashionable.

  5. There are also some authors that attribute the cause of the cancer to the kind of work or profession of the individual.

  6. Roffo and his collaborators speak of the biological terrain of cancer: "To speak of the terrain of cancer is the same as to speak of chemistry, or rather, of physical chemistry. The so often thought of cell specificity which prevents us from grafting cancer from one species to another, though it may be closely related, is meaningless. This is, in fact, a case of terrain specificity and when it is found that the cancer produced by tar, easily in the case of the mouse and the rabbit, is quite contrarily very difficult, if not impossible to obtain in the guinea pig or the rat—-how, then, can one speak of cell specificity?

  7. Also considered to be causes of cancer are the disturbances of basal metabolism, as for example an altered carbohydrate metabolism as Warburg shows in his experiments on anaerobic glucolysis.



    In our view, the biological terrain is a positive factor, except that instead of considering the causes separately, we consider them as a group. All of these factors together are the cause. In order to overcome a disease, it is always necessary to attack the cause(s) that produce it and not the effects that are its product. In the case of cancer, the tumor is combated (in conventional methods), though it is the effect and the causes remain unaffected. We proceed from an opposite tack and attack first:

  1. The, cell itself, as well as its intra and extra cellular environments. This is possible, as we have already explained, because insulin, by permeabilizing the cell membrane, permits the introduction of specific medications (the recognizably most efficient and best—known) that can therefore combat the disease directly. The external environment is also attacked by way of the physicochemical modifications we have already mentioned, as well as by way of the total cholesterol and the esterized cholesterol levels.

  2. The endocrinic alterations are regulated first by the introduction of the hormone progesterone, which has a proven antitumoral effect, in whatever sex, and no cancerogenic effects at all. Afterwards we apply the three hormones, that is progesterone, estradiol and testosterone to produce a perfect hormonal equilibrium, which in the case of cancer is generally found to be altered, as other investigators have shown. In some cases, for example mammary tumors, we apply only testosterone. We have come to make these changes, because the organism needs nothing more than to be helped to re—establish an equilibrium, so in order to avoid overworking it, we reduce the number of medications.

  3. Insulin plays a role in the basal metabolism of carbohydrates inhibiting anaerobic glucolysis and permitting, in this way, that the process continue through to the formation of glucogen and CO2 and H2O.

  4. The physical or chemical irritations of the exterior or interior environments are eliminated since by changing the physical chemical conditions internal and external to the cell, the irritant disappears.

  5. The vaginal flux in women is a physicochemical irritant which produces first irritation, then inflammation and finally a change in the vaginal environment.

  6. Viruses are made up of DNA and RNA which permits them to pass through the cell membrane. Once inside the cell, they alter the intracellular environment making it favorable for the virus’s continued existence. Taking advantage of cell permeabilization produced by insulin, we introduce into the cell interior a cytostatic as well as antibiotics, sulfonamides and antiseptics.

  7. Since there is an increase in K+ ion both inside and outside the cancerous cell, we administer Na+ with the cytostatic to substitute the cell K , with which we manage to change the environment in which the viruses are living and reproducing. When they no longer find the nutrition they require, they succumb. We have also observed the phenomenon mentioned in #2 above.

  8. The majority of cancer patients have hypercholesterolemia. We reduce this with the medications that are known to have this effect, if the hypocholesterolemiant action of insulin is not sufficient. (This is verified with the Liebermann—Buchard method.) The esterized cholesterol level is also normalized by the action of insulin.

  9. We proceed in the same way to counter hypercalcemia as in the case of hyperpotassemia, except that in this case we use magnesium.

  10. Hyperglycemia is controlled by the action of insulin. We make a point of this because we generally apply to cancer patients daily doses (before breakfast) of between 5 and 40 units. We have also modified this dosage, and now we use medications that regenerate the hepatic cells that stimulate this function and thereby detoxify the organism. We also include vitamins C, E and A.

  11. As for the sulfur deficiency of the patient, we never fail to counter it, since sulfur is part of the insulin molecule.

  12. We give iron salts IM or orally, for iron deficiency.

  13. Magnesium, if it is missing, is administered IV in doses that vary from 0.25 to 1.0 g.

  14. Blood pH is more alkaline in the majority of cancer patients and at the end of the treatment it becomes acid, as does the serum pH.

  15. The increase in body water is attacked with diuretics.

  16. As is well known, surface tension is altered in cancer patients. This is counteracted with insulin.
  17. The viscosity of the serum is perceptibly altered, since both cholesterol and proteins have reduced levels in the blood and these are the factors that determine viscosity.

  18. Given that all cancer patients suffer from oxygen deficiency, we give them inhalation with it during hypoglycemia. In this way the oxygen passes into the cell interior, saturating the blood as well to levels above normal. This fixes the oxygen in the organism preventing the formation of lactic acid. We have recently found that this was not necessary, because when measuring the °2 level in the third blood sample we found that it would also rise without the extra doses of oxygen.

  19. Toxins, the product of substances that the cell dumps into the blood stream, are attacked in two ways: firstly, through the diuresis provoked by insulin and secondly, by the use of known diuretics, so as to facilitate the elimination of toxins in the urine. Since these are toxins that produce allergens, that is substances that make the organism sensitive, we use three kinds of medications: a) antihistamines, b) vaccines, and c) human gamma globulin.

  20. In all patients we stimulate detoxification by the application of antitoxic substances that help regenerate the liver cells and stimulate their functioning. In this way the liver combats the organic toxins itself.

  21. In case of infection, it is fought with antibiotics and sulfonamides, increasing their synergy with the indisputable value of antiseptics.

  22. All of these patients present vitamin deficiencies and their general state can be classed as ‘run down,’ we counter this through the use of vitamins.

  23. Anorexia disappears with the application of insulin, because, as has been known since Banting, Best and McLeod’s work in isolating it, it has been recommended for producing hunger. Our almost 50 years of observation lead us to add the anabolic power of the hormone. This completes the treatment, since the patient, regaining his appetite, begins to gain weight again.

    Since 1972 we have been making some changes in the doses of insulin used in our treatment, since we began to apply it intramuscularly, as well. We do the same with other medications in what we call microdoses. In reality, we use both means (IM and IV), depending on the case, and the better option of the two seems to be intravenous with smaller doses. Our suggestion for those just beginning to use this system of treatment is that they begin with IM and proceed to IV only after acquiring a certain amount of practice with the results produced, reaction times, etc.

    We decided to reduce the dosages to help the organism without, however, running the risk of overworking its natural mechanisms of self—detoxification. In a large number of patients, especially those with a predisposition for or incipient cancer (according to the results with the Oncodiagnosticator) just cell level detoxification alone can be sufficient to produce a cure, which emphasizes the importance of the role of detoxification in the treatment of cancer. It is in order to help the organism without overworking these mechanisms that we have begun to work with microdosages.



    The greatest percentage of cancers found in Latin America is cervico—uterine cancer, while in the United States it is breast cancer. The percentage of lung cancer cases in the world has recently shown a noticeable increase.

    Unfortunately, the fact that in many cases cancer is not identified soon enough increases the mortality rate. The conventional methods of diagnosis only work when some organ has been visibly damaged or when the tumor is very noticeable, but then it is already impossible for the medications to cure a disease in such an advanced stage.

    In contrast with the Papanicolau, X ray, touch or biopsy methods, the exact detection of cancer through the analysis of the blood serum——which can only be done with the Oncodiagnosticator -- shows very early the presence of the disease and this facilitates a cure through Donatian Therapy because, as has been explained above, the sickness is attacked at the cell level.

    The principal goal of using the Oncodiagnosticator is not to discover that many people have a propensity for cancer or to prevent them from undergoing surgical or radiation treatment, but to eventually be able to eradicate the disease through the periodic analysis of these people’s serum as a preventive measure. Probably the only way of combating this malignant disease, which like other infectious diseases also becomes mortal, is to turn it into a simple threat that can disappear by correcting the bio-physico-chemical imbalance of the organism —— since we have shown that it is this that favors the development of the disease —— and this is made possible by the very early detection of the disease or the propensity for it through the use of the Oncodiagnosticator. In sum, the Oncodiagnosticator, together with the use of Donatian Therapy, becomes the most efficient weapon for the prevention and treatment of cancer. With this we would like to urge that this diagnostic method be used. in other institutions throughout the world.

    To corroborate the fact that surgical intervention and radiation are not always effective, we can mention the cases of cancer of the prostate that we have treated in which the conventional methods had not even managed to discover the cancer, but where these patients were cured through the use of Donatian Therapy. In many cases of breast cancer, women, for fear of such a diagnosis, avoid going to the doctor until it is already at an advanced stage, and by this time practically beyond cure; this situation can be avoided by the change of attitude possible with the early detection system employing the Oncodiagnosticator.

    In our tests, the Oncodiagnosticator has been correct 74.43% of the time. On the other hand, the Pap test and the biopsy method sometimes show the danger of cancer when there is none or do not show its existence at all when it is present. This leads to the treatment of persons without cancer as if they were and they are thus exposed to surgical intervention or unnecessary radiation—-and in this way may even cause harm to the patient or cause a bio—physico—chemical imbalance that can lead to cancer.

    There are, as well, the opposite cases where the symptoms and clinical data on the patients is not sufficiently clear to determine whether or not there is a cancer and thus the studies and laboratory analyses show negative results. With the Oncodiagnosticator the real situation of the patient can be reliably determined and this makes it possible, in the great majority of cases, to cure completely chronically ill patients and insure the health of those with nothing more than a predisposition.

    A full 95% of the patients treated for cancer in our clinic had unfortunately been previously treated through surgical intervention or radiation therapy, or showed quite advanced stages of development of the disease. This of course prevented us from achieving any really radical cures because of the damage that the cancer itself had caused in the organism and because of the previous use of conventional methods. However, we have achieved satisfactory improvements in many patients and lessening of pain to the point where powerful sedatives were no longer necessary. The cancers in those cases were tumors of the mouth and larynx, esophagus, liver, lungs, bones, breasts, nervous tissue, stomach and pancreas. These cases showed an overall rate of cure of about 50%.

    Cancers of the cervix and prostate show better results when the patients have not previously been subjected to classical treatments. Patients with degrees of cancer that were not even registerable by conventional analyses have recuperated totally, since the very early detection with the Oncodiagnosticator allowed us to re—establish a bio—physico—chemical balance in these patients.



    It is our opinion that the cases in which therapy was not effective were due to that fact that the cancer was not detected early enough and had already caused irreparable harm by the time the patient was given our therapy. This can, show that conventional methods of treatment do not cure cancer in any of its stages because the physico—chemical terrain is not altered and the possibility of cancer continues to exist. This can be seen in Thomas and Roffo’s equation which was cited above. Some of the "cures" of patients through conventional methods are due to errors of laboratory results that show the presence of the disease when it is not really present.

    Donatian Therapy does modify this physico—chemical terrain that Thomas and Roffo mention and it is precisely this change that is the basis for making the specific medications, available all over the globe, arrive at the cell interior, and thus permitting the normalization of the organic functioning of the organism and the disappearance of the cancer.

    Our goal, once again, is the eradication of cancer, precisely through the preventive early diagnosis of it, since this is definitely the basis for the effective use of the medications which are available today.

SUMMARY: Donatian Therapy: A Different New Metabolic Approach to the Cure of Cancer

    Donatian Therapy applies the action of insulin on the human body, postulating that these actions produce an intensification or increment of the effects of other medications that can be administered at the same time.

    Taking as a basis the immunological mechanisms mentioned above and the metabolism of N-acetyl—neuraminic acid (ANAN), also described above, the mode of action of insulin resides in blocking the formation of scialic acid. One of the distinctive differences between the cell surface of malignant and normal cells resides in the molecular configuration of the scialic acid intertwined with the lateral chains of the oligosaccharides of the glucoproteins in the biologically active surface of the cell. Of the different scialic acids that occur naturally in living creatures, only N-acetyl-neuraminic acid has been observed, in man; it is found in practically all of the cells of the body and is responsible for the negative charge of the cell surface.

    The scialo—glucoproteins lessen or eliminate the immunological response in man by blocking the recognition of tumoral antigens by the immunocompetent leukocytes of the host and by lessening the production of antibodies that could destroy or inactivate these antigens.

    If insulin attenuates or blocks the formation of scialic acid in disturbances such as cancer, where it is found in greater quantities, then this can be the first touchstone for the initiation of treatments for any malignant tumor.

    Insulin also alters the intracellular and extra—cellular Na+/K+ quotients modifying the potential that maintains the negative electrical charge of the cell surface.

    Insulin alters cell permeability increasing it, lessens glycemia and stimulates the transformation of glucose into glucogen as well as the synthesis of proteins. Insulin favors endosmosis and exosmosis.

Insulin therapy postulates in essence that:

1. Insulin diminishes the amount of scialic acid which in cancerous tissues is increased.

2. It increases cell permeability, altering the internal and external concentrations of sodium and potassium, modifying the electrical charge of the cell surface, changing the membrane potential and elevating endosmosis as well as exosmosis, these being physico—chemical parameters that are always found to be altered in cancer.

3. It provokes hypoglycemia, making the tissues more absorbent for nutrients and accelerating the synthesis of proteins and thus of enzymes and antibodies that will block the antigens released by the malignant cells.

    The increase in permeability causes an increase in endosmosis and exosmosis, there is increased elimination of cell waste products, the exchange of hormones at the membrane level is more intense, and the stimulation of the formation of cyclic 3’5’ AMP (3’5’ cyclic adenosine monophosphate) which is the universal cell messenger for the long—distance action of the majority of hormones (Sutherland).

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